A millennia rich tradition
Filetti di aringhe
Salmone affumicato
Stockfish, salt codfish, herring, herring fillet, preserved fish, mackerels, anchovies, pilchards, salmon.
Stockfish and codfish from Norway
Stockfish and codfish have a long history: a history which tells us about deep and limpid seas from where the codfish we use come from, Norwegian cold winds and its people who have been able to preserve, hand down and develop one of the most ancient tradition of the world.
As a matter of fact, its history is as long as the history of Norway, it tells us that stockfish was exported from Norway even before the Viking Age.
Stockfish and codfish from Norway are one of the most representative symbols of the trade between Italy and Norway.
These two countries share a long trade history begun with the exportation of stockfish to Italy.